Embracing Work During Covid-19: Cathy Oh, Global Head of Marketing & Analytics at Samsung Ads

As everyone is navigating and adapting to this new normal in light of Covid-19, we asked our members how they’re managing work and life during these tough times. Here’s what Cathy Oh, Global Head of Marketing & Analytics at Samsung Ads shared:

How are you and your teams being innovative/resourceful during these times?
The current situation, for all its challenges, has also brought out the best in people – from our colleagues to our partners and the clients we support.

The most amazing thing to see was how quickly everyone focused on how they can help others. I think empathy has been our biggest strength in the past couple months. Some of our partners needed to change strategic directions immediately and some faced the uncertainty with a pause. Our teams jumped into action by asking “How can I help?”

We quickly learned that our clients’ outlooks were shifting almost daily, and we realized it is more important than ever for them to keep up with trends. Our teams came together to provide continually updated views of the TV landscape and viewer behaviors, and how trends are informing media strategies. The past weeks have helped us take what we do best, and do it faster and more efficiently than ever before. We have reached hundreds of partners in the past month alone with the latest insights to help them drive their business forward, and are working with trusted partners like AD Club on virtual webinars to share even more broadly.

Samsung is innovating to help wherever we can. That means supporting global relief efforts with our technology and manufacturing, and assisting hospitals and schools with supplies and donations. It also means being resourceful in the day-to-day as we all try to do our best to navigate this uncertainty.

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